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Ácido, ergo sum



A Mursi woman from Southern Ethiopia — over her shoulder an AK47, while she holds an iPod in her hand

Anna Kunz
 full blown roses, 2011, gouache on sakamoto paper, approx. 13”x15”

bye losers!
In the name of our sacred progenitors, the Mother and Father of us all, I call upon all their children to rise up and defend the innocent victims of the violence and hatred of those that in their ignorance have turned their backs on our parents and with cruel and malicious intent persecute our sisters and brothers. We are all one people and we have only one Mother, Kali Babylon and all Her other names. In Her name I beseech you arise and cleanse the Earth of the filth that pretends to be holy. In the name of our Mother, this is a Holy War, the like of which has never been witnessed in the history of this planet. This is the struggle for survival of the children of Kali Babylon and we will be victorious as our enemies consume each other with the ignorance of hatred and violence. The daughters and sons of Kali Babylon are by nature loving of all sentient beings, however provoke us at your peril. We are the children of our Sacred Parents and we are here to reclaim our World.


American History textbooks more like

Chapter 1: Introduction to White People
Chapter 2: White Settlers and The Indian Savages
Chapter 3: Whitey Makes A Country
Chapter 4: The Blacks
Chapter 5: Wars, Wars, Wars
Chapter 6: No More Racism!: Martin Luther King Jr. Gives a Speech
Chapter 7: The Modern Whites

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